Virus Killer is the best device for sanitising environments, because it deactivates any pathogen in a few minutes.

Safe, fast and ecological sanitation of air and surfaces

It kills the Coronavirus at 99.9% and it takes only a few minutes to disinfect an environment of 50m3 without having to ventilate the room.

Safe and effective

UV-C rays deactivate any pathogen at 99.9%.

Cloud backup

Records in the Cloud all the treatments carried out for each room and each site.

Cut on time and costs

The cycles last a few seconds. Guaranteed savings on all cleaning costs.

Macchine per la igienizzazione e sanificazione uffici

It deactivates viruses and bacteria in a few seconds in a way that is safe for people and the environment

  • It only takes a few minutes for any environment
  • No management costs
  • Completely silent and does not require air changes
  • It also sanitizes surfaces without requiring disinfectants
  • It replaces the use of chemical agents
  • It does not produce ozone in quantities that are harmful to the health
  • Sensors detect the presence of people in the room
  • A detector checks the level of UV-C emissions
  • Wireless remote control
  • Pre-set protocols for viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Long life lamps

Eliminate the need of chemical products

It purifies air and surfaces by replacing, or minimising, the need for chemical products.

Immediate savings on management costs

Thanks to minimum consumption and maintenance, long lamp life and reduction of traditional methods of sanitation.

You can go back to work in a few seconds

Each process takes a few seconds depending on the environment. After a few minutes, the staff can be operational again without the need for air changes.

Effective against all viruses, including Covid

By breaking DNA and RNA bonds, it is effective against any virus or bacteria. Even against the Coronavirus, as confirmed by laboratory tests.

Safety and effectiveness always under control

The system automatically sets the necessary values, signals the presence of people in the room and detects any residual ozone in the air.

Health and eco-friendly

Physical, ecological and totally silent process, which does not impact the environment but it rather saves on the use of chemical products and the maintenance of filters.

Safety under control

To prevent damage from exposure, staff must not be present inside the room during sanitation.
When one of the sensors detects movement in the room, the device automatically stops the disinfection process.
Constant control of the generated ozone level.

Meter, Wireless Sensor

It is positioned in the farthest point of the room, it communicates the exact amount of UV-C rays received at that point to the console, allowing the system to calculate the time required for the sanitation based on the selected pathogen. In this way the system calculates and checks the effectiveness of the sanitation process.

Wireless vocal console

It is equipped with a vocalizer and pre-set protocols for different types of viruses, it calculates the necessary parameters for sanitation and reprograms them based on the values detected.

Coronavirus Influenza A Vaccinia Coxsakievirus
Staphylococcus A Tubercolosis Legionella Other viruses and bacteria

Available in two versions and in custom configurations

Virus Killer is available in both tower and mini-tower versions to meet the needs and budget of all customers. It is always possible to study custom-made solutions based on the destinations and places of use.

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Do you want more info on CovKill technology?

Find out how and why CovKill has improved UV-C rays technology in the area of ​​sanitation.

The best technology for sanitation


UV-C light deactivates the virus more effectively when it encounters a flat surface directly: walls, counters, tables, elevator walls etc. UV-C light should always be directed away from the occupants to avoid direct contact with people.

UV-C radiation is actually a ray of light. As such, objects in shadow or any object that stands in the way of the radiation beam will produce shadows. Although a reduction of bacteria has been verified in some tests on surfaces that are not directly illuminated in environments where there is a high degree of surface reflectance (eg operating theaters), the safest method is to move the device to the areas of the room suitable for covering its entire surface, remembering that our technology by itself already calculates the necessary level of energy based on the furthest point in the environment thanks to a wireless detector. A further option is to mount more powerful UV-C lamps which however produce a higher level of ozone.

CovKill devices are built with lamps that last about 1200h

Ultraviolet light is one of the existing systems for producing ozone, however CovKill luminaires are equipped with very low ozone production lamps as standard, which therefore is noticeable from the olfactory point of view, but keeps the concentration in the air below the limits considered safe for humans. Consider that the perception threshold (albeit subjective) is estimated at about 0.02 ppm., while the exposure threshold defined as safe for a time of 15 ‘is 1 ppm. The Meter remote measurement controller has a calibrated ozone sensor, which allows you to monitor the concentration in the environment after treatment, to be sure when the spontaneous decay has brought the concentration back to safe levels for humans.

Is ozone more effective? It is a known fact, ozone is certainly an effective method of sanitation, but it has important operational disadvantages: It is not possible to check if the cycle has been performed correctly, without a survey of the air quality. Being harmful to humans, it prohibits the return of the guest for at least two hours after the treatment. The emission of ozone, if it reaches high concentrations, can trigger the fire alarm. The continued use of ozone, like other disinfectant gasses, damages metal materials. Some ozone products can only be handled by specialized personnel, generating mandatory personnel training costs (for the Italian Ministerial Decree of 7 July 1997, n.274).

The ideal disinfection system for every type of indoor environment

From offices to industrial warehouses, from public transport to sports centers, from neighbourhood shops to shopping centers, Virus Killer is not only intended for hospitals, clinics and healthcare environments but it can be applied to all the spaces where we live and work.

Revolutionise the sanitation method in your company

Virus Killer sanitation makes you save money and improves the level of healthiness of your indoor spaces.

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