The current health emergency has shown us that traditional methods of sanitation are no longer enough. Sanitation has become one of the main requirements for living and working in common spaces. Our medical-grade technology is effective in any environment where there's risk of infective disease spreading and it neutralises pathogen transmission.

01. Safe

Where chemical sanitation is not effective and it presents risks for humans and the environment.

02. Fast

Based on the room’s characteristics, air and surfaces can be sanitised even in less than a minute.


UV-C rays act on any bacteria or virus, deactivating their replication.

A scientific and verified method to maximise the healthiness of the workplace

It reduces the risk of pathogen spreading

Ensuring the health of the environment is a challenge that won't end with the current covid emergency and it is also a legal requirement. UV-C rays are effective against all types of bacteria and viruses.

It's a benefit for the health, as well as public and private costs

Preventing pathogen transmission means increasing individual and collective wellbeing, moreover, the use of CovKill cuts management and maintenance costs too.

Eliminate the need of chemical products

It purifies air and surfaces by replacing, or minimising, the need for chemical products.

Immediate savings on management costs

Thanks to minimum consumption and maintenance, long lamp life and reduction of traditional methods of sanitation.

You can go back to work in a few seconds

Each process takes a few seconds depending on the environment. After a few minutes, the staff can be operational again without the need for air changes.

Effective against all viruses, including Covid

By breaking DNA and RNA bonds, it is effective against any virus or bacteria. Even against the Coronavirus, as confirmed by laboratory tests.

Safety and effectiveness always under control

The system automatically sets the necessary values, signals the presence of people in the room and detects any residual ozone in the air.

Health and eco-friendly

Physical, ecological and totally silent process, which does not impact the environment but it rather saves on the use of chemical products and the maintenance of filters.

The ideal sanitation for all kinds of indoor spaces

From offices to industrial warehouses, from public transport to sports centers, from neighbourhood shops to shopping centers, CovKill technology is not only intended for hospitals, clinics and healthcare environments but can be applied to all indoor spaces.

What are the advantages of sanitation with CovKill?

Living and working in a comfortable environment corresponds to a better life quality. A sanitised work environment not only improves productivity, but also reduces employees sick days.

Discover our UV-C rays based technology
  • Elimination of bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi
  • Elimination of chemical pollutants
  • Reduction of nosocomial infections
  • Influenza pandemics reduction
  • Savings on the purchase of chemical agents
  • Elimination of allergens
  • Reduction of fine particles
  • Elimination of bad smells
  • Reduction of sick days in the workplace
  • Improvement of working productivity
  • Savings on maintenance costs
  • Increased life of HEPA filters
  • Energy saving
  • Compliance with rules and regulations

Why CovKill is different from all the other technologies

The effectiveness of UV-C lamps depends on the duration of exposure, the intensity, and the wavelength of the UV radiation. How many products on the market measure these three factors? Generally, the devices are based on theoretical values: which is valid if we always treated identical environments or in ideal conditions.

Thanks to its sensors and its wireless console, CovKill is the only device that calculates the time and power needed to eliminate a certain type of virus, measuring and monitoring these parameters before and during the sanitation, according to the conditions and the size of the environment.

Discover Virus Killer

VK 10 and VK20 are the first two machines designed and manufactured by J&S equipped with CovKill technology. 100% Made in Italy.

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Revolutionise the sanitation method in your company

Virus Killer sanitation makes you save money and improves the level of healthiness of your indoor spaces.

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