Fisiocomputer electromedical devices

1979. Fisiocomputer was born with the first machines dedicated to electrotherapy and electromyography.

EVM EVO electomedical devices

2013. Design and development of machines for medical applications with vibratory energy.

CovKill® Sanitation Technology

2020. Development of the first Virus Killer machines and creation  of the dedicated brand.


J&S has important certifications regarding the medical field such as:

CE 184 / MDD certificate issued by IMQ for the M.D. of class higher than Ist ISO 9001: 2015 certification ISO 13485: 2016 certification


J&S has obtained several patents for industrial inventions including:

EVM. Machine for medical applications with vibratory energy EVM handpiece. Manual device for vibratory energy treatments CovKill. System for sanitizing environments

Fisiocomputer has two production lines: Pro and Elite.

Together, the two lines comprise the most complete range of professional physiotherapy machines entirely designed and manufactured in Italy.

Tecartherapy – TK1

Tecar-therapy is indicated for the treatment of pathologies affecting the musculoskeletal system.

Multifunction – UNIK4

UNIK4 is an electromedical device capable of treating and solving four different pathologies with: Magnetotherapy, Laser therapy, Ultrasound therapy and Electrotherapy.

Cryosonic – USF1

Medical device for physical therapy capable of combining ultrasound therapy with cryotherapy and allowing excellent results in the treatment of inflammatory conditions.

Hyperthermia – IP1

Hyperthermia is particularly suitable for diseases of a different nature. Therapeutic indications are: myalgia, tendinitis, vertebral pain, arthrosis and calcific periarthritis.

Power Scanning Laser – LTS60

Laser therapy for therapeutic purposes consists in the use of electromagnetic energy for the treatment of various diseases such as tendonitis and bursitis.

EVM devices

Muscular Vibratory Energy

Muscular vibratory energy (EVM) is a focused vibration, a fundamental tool in the rehabilitation field


EVM EVO is not dependent on both static and dynamic treatment. Up to 16 output channels can be managed through the software and it is also possible to view and manage the positioning of the transducers on the patient for each pathology.

Revolutionise the sanitation method in your company

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